A favourite of mine. Mmmmmm, ice cream!!!


After a long set of flights from Australia back to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada I realized that my current lifestyle is different than most 77-year-olds.

I have been living the life of a nomad for over three years now.

I lost my job back in September 2016.

I moved out of a nice penthouse in downtown Victoria.

Since then I have had no fixed abode.


So far I have been able to visit my daughter and her family in Australia or my other daughter and her family in California. These visits can each be two months or longer.

That leaves about 7 to 8 months where I have either been able to house/pet sit or stay with friends in the Victoria area.

This can be a challenge. For example, in 2018, I slept in twenty-two different places.


In addition, I have many interests that I pursue.

One example is indoor rowing. I average about 5000 kilometers per year on a Concept2 rowing machine. This means on average I spent about an hour and a half on the machine six days a week.

In addition, I am a Toastmaster and currently am a member of four clubs. I am also involved with two youth clubs. This means I can attend five to six meetings a week.

I also am working with a non-profit organization to promote their youth programs to assist young people to gain communication and leadership skills. I write a blog about this and am also working with others on manuals for youth programs.

For the time that I am in Victoria, I volunteer for Emergency Support Services for a local community. I carry an emergency phone to be contacted when people have to evacuate their homes due to fires or floods, etc.

I also keep in contact with friends and acquaintances in places such as Canada, the USA, Australia, and South Africa.


This has become an enjoyable lifestyle and I hope to continue this as long as my health allows.

My main project is to assist the young generation to gain communication and leadership skills to gain self-confidence and become the leaders our world needs.

Some people may be interested in the ‘Notes of a Nomad’ videos. Whatever the case, my children and grandchildren can find out what I have been doing.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me.

My email address is mqsjones@gmail.com

You can phone me and leave a voice message at the numbers below.

Wishing you and your families and friends lots of love and laughter.

Fred Jones

Victoria BC, Canada

Tel: 206-905-9393 (please leave a message with your phone number) or

Tel: 250-858-3275 (please leave a message with your phone number)