List of Posted Videos

BEING RESPONSIBLE -Video#83 -8-SEP-21. This video reviews that being a responsible person can lead to success. Being responsible raises our self-esteem, improves relationships, and increases our trust with others. Find the video at

COMMUNICATION & CHILDREN -Video#82 -1-SEP-21. If children learn to communicate, it has a positive impact on their lives when they enter adulthood. I have moved to a new place this week and should be moving again next week. Find the video at

THE 1940s -Video#81 -26-AUG-21. Recently, I had the opportunity to review a photo album that my mother created in the 1940s. This video contains some of the photos from that time which shows some of the fashion and cars during the 1940s Find the video at

MY DAD -Video#80 -19-AUG-21. This video discusses my dad which might be of interest to my grandchildren and future descendants. He was a gentle soul, who loved fishing. I think that love kept him grounded. Find the video at

COURAGE -Video#79 -11-AUG-21. Courage is something for my grandchildren and future descendants need to consider. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” is a quote from authour, Anais Nin. With all the challenges we face, courage is an attribute that can affect our lives. Find the video at

THE BEGINNING AND CHANGES -Video#78 -6-AUG-21. I am back at the location at which I recorded the first video in February 2020. A lot has changed since then and I note some of the very noticeable changes. You can find the video at

EAST SOOKE & THE BABAMOBILE -Video#77 -28-JUL-21. This video reviews my latest move to East Sooke. I am looking after a dog, ‘Baba’ and a cat, ‘Yogi.’ You can find the video at

YOUTHQUAKE -Video#76 -21-JUL-21. The word “Youthquake’ refers to changes due to the influence of young people. This word came to mind when discussing forthcoming speech contests at Agora Speaker International’s convention. Find the video at

CALL CENTER & PETS -Video#75 -15-JUL-21. This week’s update is on the wildfires and Emergency Support Services call center here in British Columbia and looking after four dogs. Find the video at

WILDFIRES -Video#74 -7-JUL-21. The wildfires in British Columbia have started with a vengeance. This has resulted in me assisting in the Emergency Support Services call centre here in Victoria responding to phone calls from a variety of people affected. Find the video at

BACK TO THE FUTURE -Video#73 -1-JUL-21. After over 15 months we are starting to open up and meet face-to-face. I note why I am grateful to have been on Vancouver Island since March 2020. Also, next week as people start to travel, I start the first pet/house sitting gig since we closed down last year. Find the video at

REDONES.CA WEBSITE -Video#72 -23-JUN-21. I am asking for your help to spread the word about the website that I have created. It is for anyone who is interested in helping youth gain confidence and find their voice. Find the video at

MASTERING HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS -Video#71 -16-JUN-21. In a note to my grandson, I mentioned the important art of mastering human relationships. He is a very sociable person and this skill can lead to success and happiness. I refer to a well-known book that most of know about. Find the video at

WHO – SERVE – EXCELLENCE -Video#70 -9-JUN-21. This video was triggered by a video Oprah Winfrey made years ago where she passes on three important practices to a college graduating class. I think these points are excellent about knowing who you are, find a way to serve, and do the right thing. Find the video at

PETS, PEOPLE, PLACES -Video#69 -3-JUNE-21. It appears that pet/house sitting might be starting up again after the past 14 months. I review some of what I have discovered about pet/house sitting since I started about 4 years ago. Find the video at

WELCOME FRED! -Video#68 -26-MAY-21. After almost seven months on my friend’s boat, I have moved to a friend’s place for a while. The message this time is that we cannot do everything ourselves. Having others in our lives is an important part of our lives. Find the video at

COMMON GROUND -Video#67 -19-MAY-21. This video is about avoiding competition and implementing cooperation. By finding common ground with others and working on solutions together, we can make a substantial impact on the world’s problems. Find the video at

OUR FUTURE LEADERS -Video#66 -12-MAY-21. Helping our youth gain communication skills has become my mission since I left the workforce and became a nomad in 2017. Currently, I am working on setting up a pilot project on How to Start a Youth Club. If you know of anyone who might be interested in this project, please share this video with them. Find the video at

PROJECT MANAGEMENT -Video#65 -5-MAY-21. This video ends the journey about the jobs I have had. The last job was selling a project management product over the internet for over 10 years. All the changes in my life have enabled me to adapt and not fear change. Find the video at

HEADHUNTING -Video#64 -28-APR-21. After leaving Datagram, I moved into the recruiting or headhunting business. I started my own business in 1989 and worked from home for 15 years and networked with other recruiters in North America. Find the video at

NOT WANTED/DATAGRAM -Video#63 -21-APR-21. After leaving NCR Comten, it was off to sell Datagram’s data compression devices. However, I and the other new salesperson discovered that we were not wanted by the local sales manager. Find the video at

FRONT END PROCESSORS -Video#62 -14-APR-21. In 1985 I left South Africa and returned to Canada after being away for 23 years. In Toronto, I found work as a salesperson for NCR Comten. We sold front-end processors to IBM mainframe users. These devices interface peripheral devices like terminals, printers, disk, and tape units to the mainframe computer. Find the video at

SELLING SAS -Video#61 -7-APR-21. After selling minicomputers, I was approached by two ex-Control Data employees who had the agency for SAS analytics software used for decision making. This company is enormously successful. It is the largest privately held software company in the world. It treats its customers and employees extremely well. It was the best sales experience I ever had. Find the video at

WHAT’S A MINICOMPUTER? -Video#60 -31-MAR-21. This video illustrates how much the world has changed since I sold PR1ME minicomputers 40 years ago in the early 1980s. This makes you think how much the world has changed and is going to change in the next 40 years. Find the video at

THE MILLION-DOLLAR COMPUTER -Video#59 -23-MAR-21. In 1979, when I left the gold mining industry in South Africa, I joined Control Data Corporation’s Cybernet Services to sell computer services to the mining industry in South Africa. I share some pictures of what the million-dollar-plus computer looked like in those days. Find the video at

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY -Video #58 -17-MAR-21. It has been one year since the COVID-19 shutdown was announced here. I review what might be happening this year and the big question is, “when should I get a haircut?” Find the video at

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY -Video#57 -8-MAR-21. Some thoughts on International Women’s Day which started around 1909. There has been lots of progress and still more needed for women’s rights. Find the video at

ROSIE’S GANG REUNION -Video#56 -1-MAR-21. During the past weekend, we had a reunion of some of the overland travelers who were on ‘Rosie, the overland truck. My daughter, Alexis, and I traveled for 4 months with this gang from Capetown to Cairo. Find the video at

HATS -Video#55 -24-FEB-21. This video is about why I wear hats, some places I have worn hats, and some of the hats I wear. Find the video at

THE SLIGHT EDGE -Video#54 -16-FEB-21. There has been lots of cold weather including snow throughout the northern hemisphere this past week. I share the power of small choices when we are able to change some bad habits to good habits. This is what can lead to success. (This tip is especially for my grandchildren.) Find this video at

“GOOD” -Video#53 -9-FEB-21. This video starts with a view of the overland truck ‘Rosie’ in Africa, then talk about the cold weather in the northern hemisphere, and why the word “Good” can be used in a positive manner. Find this video at

FIRST ANNIVERSARY -Video#52 -2-FEB-21. This is the first anniversary of the Notes of a Nomad videos. It was one year ago that I created the first video. I was not aware of the pandemic at that time. I show the Notes of a Nomad website where you can find a list of all the videos. Find this video at

LIFELONG LEARNING -Video#51 -25-JAN-21 This video starts with a short video of me attempting to dance with some Ethiopians in 2012. I then mention lifelong learning and some of it benefits. Find the videos at

LAUGH & NOISE -Video#50 -18-JAN-21. In this video, I share how the words ‘laugh’ and ‘noise’ connected with me. Find the video at

BE USEFUL -Video#49 11-JAN-21. We start with a short trip to Istanbul and then end up with how the motto, “Be Useful” is great to put into practice. Please reach out to me if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. Find the video at

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES -Video#48 -4-JAN-21. Today I remember being in Tasmania exactly three years ago visiting a historical penal colony where some frightful activities occurred including a more recent event in 1996 which impacted Australia overall. Find the video at

THUNDER BAY AND AWAY -Video#47 -29-DEC-20. I lived in Thunder Bay in Northern Ontario, Canada until I was 13 years old when our family moved to Vancouver. I believe this move had a very big influence on me. Find the video at

DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM -Video#46 -21-DEC-20. Today is the winter solstice. I review some of what I have been doing one this day over the years including being ‘rescued’ by the ski patrol in Switzerland. I also discuss the mantra, “‘Discipline equals freedom.” Find the video at

EARN YOUR FREEDOM -Video#45 -14-DEC-20. This video gets philosophical and mentions why being a nomad is a mindset on how you spend your time. It’s about what interests you, such as people, places, and things. that you explore. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. I always look forward to hearing from you. Find the video at

HELP FINDING ZALDO -Video#44 -7-DEC-20. Need your help to find a person or persons in North America who has a connection in education to help with a pilot project of introducing a simple and easy problem-solving approach to youth. Hope to find someone before the end of December 2020. If you know of anyone, please reach out to me. You can find the video at

SOLVE PROBLEMS -Video#43 -29-NOV-20. When we learn to solve problems, we can create a lot of value in the world, assist other people, and gain self-satisfaction in our lives. Find the video at

MEETINGS AND SOUP -Video#42 -22-NOV-20. This video shares stories about some meetings that kept me entertained and involved over the past few days and my feelings about soup. Find the video at

MUMBLINGS FROM THE BOAT -Video#41 -15-NOV-20. This video contains mumblings in my beard after being over two weeks back on the boat. I review why the boat works well for me and some thoughts about what to do after the boat such as traveling and tiny houses. Find the video at

GRIT & QUIT -Video #40 -8-NOV-20. In this video, I reflect on two words that can impact our lives. Having grit and knowing when to quit can be effectively applied during our lifetimes.Find the video at

THE WEEK THAT WAS -Video #39 -1-NOV-20. This video is simple with no philosophical comments. Just about what has been happening this week in my small world. It is mainly for family and friends to know what has been keeping me occupied. Find the video at

TRANSITIONS & CHANGES -Video #38 -25-OCT-20. How have you coped with the challenges that life throws at you, including COVID-19? Today the topic is about learning to navigate life’s many challenges.. We have many disruptive changes over the course of our lives and it is how we respond that can make a big difference. Find the video at

DIG DEEPER -Video #37 -17-OCT-20. If we dig deeper, we can make the world a better place. Our lives are short and precious. It is important that we spend it being happy, so dig deeper.  Find the video at

STOP AND ENJOY THE VIEW -Video #36 -10-OCT-20. It’s Thanksgiving in Canada. In this video, I share some of the reasons I am grateful for living on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. Find the video at

GOOD HABITS TO GOOD GOALS -Video #35 -2-OCT-20. This video covers routines that can help us to reach the goals/dreams we have. A recent book has helped me realize that if you have good habits, the goals take care of themselves. Find the video at

TO FASTEDDY -Video #34 -27-SEP-20. Last week, members of our old Rover Scout Crew went to visit FastEddy in Kamloops, British Columbia. We share lots of food, played cards, and had lots of laughs as always. I think we can all learn some good lessons from FastEddy. Find the video at

THE DAY I DIED -Video #33 -17-SEP-20. In this video, I become a little philosophical about life and show some pictures from the past. This was triggered by a letter I recently received from the Canadian government. Find the video at

THRIVE & SURVIVE IN CHALLENGING TIMES -Video #32 -12-SEP-20. In these interesting times, we look at surviving and thriving. If we approach it with fun, passion, humor, and style we will not only survive but thrive. This topic gives me the opportunity to show a few pictures from Africa and wear a strange hat. Find the video at

THE CREW’S CRUISE -Video #31 -7-SEP-2020. This week my scouting friends from 60 years ago went for a boat trip as mentioned in the previous video. I talk about what we did and saw and also mention some contact with Agora Speaker International for which I am an Ambassador for Canada. Find the video at

ON THE SALISH SEA WITH FRIENDS -Video #30 -28-AUG-2020. This week 3 old friends from our boy scouting days from over 50 years ago are going on a boat trip around the Salish Sea. This is where cook for each other, play cards, and reminisce about our youth and lives. The video shows some pictures from our previous trips. Find the video at

YOUTH MANUALS -Around the World -Video #29 -22 AUG- 2020. This past week was an exciting week with the release of the three youth club manuals on which Ravi in Nepal and I have been working. Since it was the 4th-anniversary 24-hour round-the-world marathon of Agora Speakers International, it was a great time to release the manuals. Find the video at

GOING BACK 4 YEARS -Video #28 -16-AUG-2020. This video recalls what I was doing in August over the past 4 years from when I started my journey as a nomad. Find the video at

CHAOS – Action Takes Courage -Video #27 -8-AUG-2020. The chaos of life is always been with us. Currently, it appears there are more changes that require more action. Action takes courage. We start with pictures of the Columbia Icefields in the Canadian Rockies. Find the video at

ATTITUDE of a Nomad -Video #26 -1-AUG-2020. In this video, I show some photos from the Okavango River Delta in Botswana Africa. I also discuss what I have learned from living a nomadic lifestyle and the attitude it genders, Find the video at

APPRECIATE -Be Thankful -Video #25 -25-JUL-2020. In this video, I share a few pictures from the luxurious Blue Train in South Africa. The contrast of that to camping makes us appreciate more what we do have instead of taking everything for granted. Find the video at

RESPECT -Can Change the World -Video #24 -20 JUL 2020. Respect which has been defined as a feeling you show when you accept that different customs or cultures are different from your own and behave towards them in a way that would cause offence. If we all practiced respect it would have a powerful impact on the world. Find the video at

GOOD, BAD, UGLY -Video #23 -10-JUL-2020. This video shows three spots visited in 2019 in the southern California desert which might be classified as Good or Bad or Ugly. These terms can be attributed to many aspects of life and I contend one of our tasks is to find the good ones. Find the video at

LIFELONG LEARNING – A Key and Fun Skill -Video #22 -2-JUL-2020. Lifelong learning is a key skill for all ages. As the world is changing lifelong learning enhances the quality and satisfaction of life. Ongoing and self-motivated learning makes us more self-confident and adaptable to change. It is also fun. Find the video at

ELEPHANTS & MENTORING -Video #21 -19-JUN-2020. Riding elephants in Africa and the older looking after the young. This makes me review how the older and younger generations can mentor each other. Find the video at

ETHIOPIA & EXPLORE -Video #20 -12-JUN-2020. Ethiopia was the most interesting African country of the approximate twelve countries that we visited during the four month trip from southern to northern Africa in 2012. Also, I mention why we should ‘explore’ our inner motivation as well. Find the video at

WELL-BETTER-BEST & LEADERSHIP -Video #19 -4-JUN-2020. Working with groups of youth has shown me that diversity and cooperation are elements of leadership. Also the ‘formula’ of Well-Better-Best works well when reviewing progress on projects. You can find the presentation on Leadership which I presented in Portugal in September 2019 at a link on the video description. Find the video at

TEACHING BALLROOM IN AFRICA -Video #18 -29-MAY-2020. The example of working with young people in Cape Town, South Africa. Ballroom dancing to teach persistence and resistance leading to funding of their education is a wonderful example of youth programs. Find the video at

COMMUNITY & COVID-19 -Video #17 -21-MAY 2020. This video takes us to the historical wildfire season in British Columbia in 2017 and some lessons that can apply to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Find the video at

GO WITH THE FLOW -Video #16 – 14-MAY-2020. This video shows a picture of a Nile Riverboat (which no longer operate) in Khartoum, Sudan. I took this picture in 2012. It brings back memories of going up the Nile river in 1963 for 10 days to Juba in southern Sudan. Our third class ticket meant we were on a barge towed by the riverboat for a distance of approximately 1800 km. Find the video at

WESTERN CAPE SOUTH AFRICA & Our Outlook -Video #15 -8-MAY-2020. In this video we have a few pictures from 2012 in the Western Cape in South Africa and the outlook and skills of being a nomad. Find the video at

 I GOT LOST AND REFLECTIONS -Video #14 -30-APRIL-2020. This video is about how and why I ended up in South Africa and spending 22 years there. Also some reflections on being in British Columbia during the current pandemic. Find the video at

TO THE ARCTIC-1974 & Earth Day 2020 -Video #13 -22-APRIL-2020. On this Earth Day 2020, a few pictures from a trip to the Arctic in 1974 during the 10th Commonwealth Mining Congress. Still isolated on the boat. Find the video at

LINGUA FRANCA – “FANAGALO” -Rowing and Zoom -Video #12 -15-APRIL-2020. Thank you to Craig for asking about the lingua France, “Fanagalo” which was used in the mining industry in the 1960’s and 70’s when I worked on the gold mines in South Africa. I am still on the boat for a while at least. Find the video at

MINING GHOSTS and Youth Program manuals -Video #11 -12-APRIL-2020. Ghosts on the gold mine and working on the boat to create a manual for Youth Clubs with Ravi in Nepal. Happy Easter! Find the video at

ROWING ON THE BOAT & BEING GRATEFUL -Video #10 -1-APRIL-2020. Share some pictures of the boat and rowing on the boat. Also why I am grateful to be in Canada, for my friends and family and my work and plans to help children communicate online. Find the video at

MINING AND THE NEW NORMAL -Video #9 -24-MARCH-2020. More about gold mining in the 1960 and 1970’s in South Africa. Also that we will need to adapt to the New Normal. Find the video at

THE WEEK THAT EVERYTHING CHANGED -Video #8 -18-MARCH-2020. After 7 weeks back in Canada, everything changed. I start with a few pictures from the gold mines in 1964 then talk about the changes, what is happening currently in Canada and what my current plans are. Find the video at

HOW INDOOR ROWING AFFECTS ME -Video #7 -10-MARCH-2020. On March 4th I entered the World Rowing Virtual Indoor Sprints which are a virtual indoor rowing championship run jointly by Concept2 and World Rowing. To take part you just need to row 1000 meters, My results were Time: 4:06.0 and Final Position Overall for Lwt Men: 617 out of 862 and for 70-79 Lwt Men: 17 out of 48 I share some pictures from when I entered the World Indoor Championships held in Boston in February 2008 as well. Most people are not aware that such a competition exists. Find the video at

COMPETITIONS AND COOPERATION -Video #6 -1-MARCH-2020. Thanks to some suggestions from friends I am sharing a couple of pictures and also have a theme about competitions and cooperation. Wishing you lots of love and laughter (also from Rupert). Find the video at

MORE CONTACTS WITH FRIENDS -Video #5 -23-FEB-2020. Third week back in Victoria BC Canada after two and a half months in Australia. Lots of contacts with friends and meetings. Sorry, no cameo by Rupert this time. Find the video at

CONTACTS WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY -Video #4 -16-FEB-2020. This is what happened in the second full week back in Canada for two and a half months in Australia. Mainly keeping in contact with friends, competed in Toastmasters competitions, and rowed on the Concept2 machine. Find the video at

FIRST WEEK BACK IN VICTORIA, CANADA -Video #3 -9-FEB-2020. This is what I have been up to for my first week back in Victoria, BC Canada after returning from Melbourne, Australia. Find the video at

AUSTRALIA TO CANADA -Video #2 -2 FEB-2020. A Notes of a Nomad update for 2 February 2020 covering my last week in Australia, the trip back to Victoria, BC Canada and what I am doing now that I am back in Canada. Find the video at

INTRODUCTION -Video #1 -5-FEB-2020. This is the first Notes of a Nomad video from Fred Jones. It is an introduction as to who I am, what I am doing as I live a nomadic lifestyle at an elderly age. I have done this for the past 3 years and realize that what I am currently doing is going well. Find the video at