NOTES of a NOMAD #207 -Virtual Team Challenge -28 January 2024

I share some details about what is happening in January on the indoor rowing machine calendar.

I have been confusing the local gym members as to why some old guy would come in every day and row for hours on one of their Concept2 rowing machines.

There is an indoor rowing machine team challenge called the Virtual Team Challenge for January.

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NOTES of a NOMAD #152 -Innocent Infuence -6 January 2023

I have been going to the gym regularly here in Melbourne, Australia.

Apparently, people have noticed that I spend a much longer time on the rowing machine than the average person.

This made me aware that people notice us and that we can have an impact on others even when we are not aware of them.

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NOTES of a NOMAD #88 -Rowing Marathons -14 October 2021

I reconnected with my rowing machine after a 12-day separation.

As a result, I have five days left to contribute some more rowing meters in the Concept2 Fall Challenge for the Ancient Mariner team.

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