NOTES of a NOMAD -Video #14 -I Got Lost & Reflections -30 April 2020.

Hi and welcome to Notes of a Nomad,

This video is about how and why I ended up in South Africa.

I had no plans to go to Africa when my friend (the owner of the boat I am currently on) left Canada for Europe in 1962.

I was on my own after hitching across northern Africa and was in Cairo.

I met a fellow in Cairo who was going

I spent 22 years there working on the gold mine and then in the computer industry.

I then share some reflections on being in British Columbia during the current pandemic.

Our Public Health Officer is extremely qualified and competent and doing us proud. She is a ‘calming voice in a sea of coronavirus madness.’

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please reach out to me.

Wishing you, your families, and friends, lots of love and laughter.


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