NOTES of a NOMAD -Video #3 -First Week Back in Canada -9 February 2020

Hi and welcome to Notes of a Nomad,

In this video, I share what  I  have been doing during my first week back in Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada after spending two and a half months in Melbourne, Australia.

I was pleased to post about the young change-makers who had attended the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

It was also my oldest grandchild’s 23 birthday. Where has the time gone!

On Monday, I helped reprogram the emergency phones for Emergency Support Services for which I am now carrying a phone in case of callouts.

I also attended a couple of Toastmasters meetings giving speeches at two clubs. These were about the Nitric Oxide Dump, which is an interesting exercise routine.

My car’s tires were checked and OK for another few months.

Best thing that happened was editing work on a manual for Agora International  Youth Programs for clubs in Nepal.

Rupert, the lovely Bichon Frise dog that I am sitting, joined it at the end to say goodbye as well.

Wishing you, your families and friends, lots of love and laughter.


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